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Study of compound tenses and the subjunctive. Idiomatic and irregular expressions. Involves short readings and basic conversation. Requires good command of the present and past tenses and fair vocabulary. The following is a partial list of subjects that are covered in this level.

  • The Compound tenses concept (also known as Perfect Tenses).
  • The past participle form: called, said, worked, etc.
  • The verb “Haber”.
  • The present perfect form: I have seen (he visto).
  • The past perfect form: I had seen (había visto).
  • The conditional perfect form: I would have seen (habría visto).
  • The perfect tense with “should”,”would”,etc: I should have called (debía haber llamado).
  • The subjunctive verbal forms: present and past.
  • The subjunctive use in five clause patterns:
  •     a) quizás, etc
  •     b) noun clauses
  •     c) adjective clauses
  •     d) adverbial clauses
  •     e) “if” opposite of fact

NOTE: Do not get intimidated by all of this terminology. It all can be explained in simple terms,
           but is is difficult to present the study of the subjunctive and give you an idea of the area
           to be covered.

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