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Beginning 2

This is a continuation of the Beginning level with increasing use of conversational patterns. May be joined by people who had some classes in high school or one in college but who need to refresh. The following is a partial list of subjects that are covered in this level.

  • Review of some aspects of Beginning I.
  • The use of Object Pronouns.
  • Direct objects pronouns: I call HIM, he calls ME, we call THEM.
  • Indirect objects pronouns: I tell HIM, they tell US, we tell THEM.
  • Reflexive verbs: “levantarse” (to get up), “divertirse” (to have fun).
  • Formal commands,(Usted): “venga” (come), “dígame” (tell me).
  • Familiar commands (Tú): “ven” (come), díme (tell me).
  • Use of multiple pronouns.
  • The future tense: I will call (llamaré).
  • The conditional tense: I would call (llamaría).

Countdown to Summer Semester

Summer 2020 Semester StartsJuly 6, 2020

Countdown to Fall Semester

Fall 2020 Semester StartsSeptember 28, 2020

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